About Roadrunner Engineering

The mission of Roadrunner Engineering is to promote research, test, development, and use of the flathead Ford for high performance applications.

Roadrunner Engineering was founded in 1994 in Albuquerque, NM, by flathead Ford enthusiast, Joe Abbin. Joe is a mechanical engineer with over 50 years of experience in analyzing, testing, racing and street driving of high performance vehicles of all kinds. He is the author of the two books Blown Flathead, and 335 HP Flathead Ford V-8 Performance Manual, and numerous other publications relating to high performance engines for both normally aspirated and supercharged applications. He is the owner and driver of the "Motorhead Mart Special", a well known blown flathead powered street rod and bracket racer in the southwest.

Roadrunner Engineering can provide computer aided engine design analysis, engine flow testing and engine dynamometer testing at our facilities in Albuquerque. We also have associates capable of filling almost any need pertaining to high performance flatheads and other engines including building of complete engines. Since 1998, Roadrunner has produced supercharger kits for the flathead Fords and other engines in conjunction with Holley Performance Products.

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