Videos - The Blown Flathead Channel

The Blown Flathead Channel on YouTube ( has been expanded to include a series of five short videos featuring the buildup and test of a high performance flathead built for Dr. Royal Langford of Broken Arrow, OK. These videos provide an overview of the major engine assembly processes and dyno testing of the engine both normally aspirated and supercharged. I think you will find the videos instructive and entertaining.

The Buildup and Test of a High Performance Flathead
Part 1- Introduction & Overview
Part 2- Installing Camshaft, Crankshaft & Front Cover
Part 3- Piston-Rod Assembly & Installation
Part 4- Pan, Valve & Head Assembly
Part 5- Engine Dyno Testing
In addition YouTube has several videos of other Roadrunner equipped engine dyno tests including one for Killer, the current engine in the Motorhead Mart Special. ( This engine produced over 335 horsepower. Fred Edeskuty’s 280 HP flathead is featured in another video ( .

You can also see the Motorhead Mart Special run on the dragstrip at Denver where it was Hot Rod Eliminator (, at Bakersfield where it posted the best ever recorded times for a flathead-powered street rod (, and at Phoenix the first time with fenders (

Last, but certainly not least, you can see over 150 Roadrunner supercharged vehicles and engines in just a little over four minutes now on utube or the Photo link! (